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The Power of Mechanical Insulation with Energy Conservation

By: David J. Cox, NIA President

We all know these kinds of people: the quiet, unassuming ones who like to remain out of the spotlight, yet demonstrate dependability, effectiveness, know-how and success in all that they do. In fact, I bet many of us reading this fit that description. Now, let’s take this analogy and apply it to the systems of the built environment. There is a system that often gets forgotten, yet is truly the star of the show. It’s quiet, unassuming, efficient, dependable, reliable and smart. Also, if it’s protected and properly maintained, this system can improve efficiency, save you money, provide safety and reduce your carbon footprint. In the following, NIA President, David J. Cox, will discuss what is changing in America’s energy sector and showcase the unique talents that mechanical insulation systems offer for helping countries, states and companies reduce their carbon footprints.  

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